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Academic support

A student being assisted by an instructor in the classroom

At the ELC, you are responsible for attending all classes, completing all assignments and making every effort to be a model student. With this in mind, the ELC strives to provide students with extra help where needed with the following programs:


Instructors are available every day after class for help with assignments, concepts and language practice. Talk to your instructor for more information.


A weekly opportunity for students to participate in meaningful and authentic discussions with peers and partners in the community.

Each week will highlight a new topic. Talk to your Student Resource Co‑ordinator to make suggestions.

Applied Language Laboratories

Our courses are designed with the international language learner in mind. As part of your course, you are required to participate in many out‑of‑class learning labs, including:

  • academic workshops
  • community events
  • cultural talks
  • ELC Speaker Series
  • outdoor excursions
  • visiting local attractions

Each event allows the language learner to develop relationships, adapt to the culture and develop a sense of belonging.

Out-of-class learning opportunities provide cultural enrichment, language development and community engagement.

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